We can work from any design or scaled drawing that we are presented with or we can set out a design for you with your preferences integrated within your design.

The first stage is assessing what type of landscape you already have such as clay, chalk or nice durable soil. Depending on your requirements we tailor to your needs as to what is needed for a specific type of project for example a patio, block paving or whatever your garden requirement is. Second stage once design is determined we will dig out to a suitable depth.

Third stage is installing a soil stabilization system and type1 limestone to correct lines and levels and compacting to consolidation. This will form the perfect foundation platform to work from.

Fourth stage will be to lay chosen slabs or chosen form of surface using precision, quality and expertise to give our clients a first-class bespoke patio or top-quality surface of choice.

Fifth stage is to point the patio to your liking either using high quality resin, sand and cement or bird beak pointing or in the case of block paving surfaces sealed with kiln dried sand to fill all joints.

Pouring gravel on to garden landscape path
Pouring gravel on to garden landscape path
Finished landscape gravel path

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